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We help you to tell the right story and tell the story right.

Why do businesses need to train in storytelling?

Almost everyone in business needs to convey the message to a super occupied and  multitasking audience in the shortest time possible. Typical scenarios are – 

  1. Our employees produce very comprehensive presentations but they lose their audience within the first 10 minutes of starting. How can they retain attention?
  2. I have a very powerful idea in my head but when I express it, it gets misinterpreted and I end up answering all kinds of unwanted questions.
  3. I want to be able to break through cynicism using stories?
  4. I am presenting in a town-hall  to a few thousand people and need to be able to use storytelling to get my message across. 

What happens when these are not resolved?

How often have you prepared a business case, developed a presentation or created a pitch, read it back & found that it didn’t make as much sense as you had hoped?

Or worse yet, your audience interpreted what they heard (or read) was completely different to what you actually intended to convey. Alas! 

How can CCC help?

Through Storytelling for Business, we train you to – 

  1. Structure your reasoning into a compelling story,
  2. Think creatively, reason lucidly, & express ideas with clarity,
  3. Define complex problems & establish the objectives of any document,
  4. Assess your ideas & recognize their relative importance,
  5. Analyze your argument to confirm its effectiveness.

Storytelling for business will help you apply the principles of Critical Communication.  You will be able to present your thinking in high-powered forums with clarity. Your ideas will move off the page and into the reader’s mind with the least effort & most effect.

How will the client see the difference?

The client will see – 

  1. Shorter presentations.
  2. People will engage in the high impact forums that you lead.
  3. Less iteration, especially when it comes to written communication.
  4. Increase in Executive Presence.

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