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Greg Chapman

The mind and soul behind CCC

Founder of Client-Centered Consulting, Greg Chapman, is an international certified executive coach & a management consultant. 

With 18+ years experience and 10,000 hours of leadership training and coaching to his credit, Greg’s life revolves around facilitating change in people and helping them get better holistically. 

Well known for his unique training methods and innovative techniques, Greg makes sure that his clients not only achieve their goals but also tap into their deeper reservoirs of talents and skills.

Greg has designed and executed various behavioural interventions for CEOs and organizational teams. His flagship interventions are – Leadership Presence, High Impact Communication, Personal Branding, and Instructional Design and Facilitation skills.

Being one of the best trainers in India, Greg has successfully delivered programs to Airtel, Accenture, The Hero Group, Ericsson, and about forty more top industry clients. 

“Training and coaching is the only thing I know and I do”, says Greg in his usual chilled out manner. He lives with his talented wife and son in Dehradun, India. 

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