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"Doing your job well is no longer Exotic"

- Seth Godin

… it was when your product, service or  organization was the only one that got the job done – efficiently. Not so any more. 

Today, doing your job well is a given. 

If you want to stand out – you need Executive Presence 

We help you build your authentic presence, credibility, and charisma.

Who needs Executive Presence Training?

  • When employees cross the individual contributor role and reach managerial role, they struggle with how to communicate with multiple stakeholders – internal and external.

They need to come across as credible and confident.

  • When people move from technical roles to managerial roles (Eg.  A CFO becoming the CEO of an organization), it’s not just about how much they know, but It’s also about how they come across. 

What happens when these are not resolved?

3 or 4 decades ago when most products weren’t reliable or most services weren’t up to spec, performing well was a great thing. 

Today, doing your job well is no longer exotic. It’s become a necessary or a basic condition. 

When people aren’t able to put themselves forward confidently there are multiple opportunity costs – loss of potential businesses, low team engagement or losing out on promotions.

What happens when they get help?

Through an Executive Presence workshop, participants begin to get clarity of who they are and what they stand for. 

Their ability to communicate with authenticity goes up.

Their ability to understand and anticipate stakeholder needs  also goes higher. 

People begin to realise what kind of impressions they are creating – both short and long term.  They get clarity on whether it is working in their favour or not, so that they can take corrective measures. 

They understand how to build relationships and make an impact to the people around them. 

How CCC can help?

After attending CCC’s Executive Presence Training Program, leaders are able to

  • Be authentic – align inner values with the outer environment. 
  • Learn the key principles of Semiotics for demonstrating power. 
  • Communicate their vision with clarity yet be empathetic to others. 
  • Take a stance for right and tough decision making. 
  • Achieve high emotional maturity (EQ) and handle pressure gracefully. 
  • Build impactful boardroom presence. 
  • Leverage conflict to success & growth.

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