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Our Leadership programs teach you how to build psychological safety.

Why do people and organizations need leadership training programs?

The most common situations that lead our clients to us are – 

  1. Specialists – Scientists, Doctors, Coders, Lawyers – move into people leadership roles but rely on individual contributor skills. “What got you here, won’t get you there…”
  2. Being promoted from within the team, and having peers report to someone who once saw him/her as one of them, can lead to disagreement and conflicts within the team. 
  3. CXOs moving from a different region / country require a lot of hand holding to blend into the new work ethic and culture.
  4. Inheriting a team that is low on psychological safety and high on broken promises requires a lot of work to heal and to thrive. 
  5. Teams often require managers / leaders to have difficult conversations with them and this fazes even the best. 

What happens when these go unresolved?

  • Trying to be a good leader by relying on your functional expertise alone burns you out.
  • Success is directly proportional to the number of difficult conversations one is willing to have; and a lack of expertise in dealing with difficult conversations causes massive stress.
  • An inability to create psychological safety singularly creates dysfunctional teams.

How can CCC help?

Our Leadership training programs are the best in industry that cover the breadth and depth of leadership. 

  • Imagine if you had a step by step process for building the most important thing that a leader requires – Trust. This is what our leadership programs will train you on. 
  • Confront the situation, not the person. We will show you how to handle difficult conversations.
  • How do you increase the receptivity of your feedback? You’ll know how to do this after attending our leadership programs.
  • We will show you how to bring about demonstrable behavioral change by investing in a team member’s Emotional Bank Account.

How does the client see the difference?

The client sees the difference at 3 levels –

The individual level –

  • Leaders start prioritizing people’s aspirations, fears and growth
  • The grammar of leaders becomes more inclusive

At the Team Level –

  • Team members feel safe in speaking about what’s really on their mind
  • Commitment levels begin to rise

At the Organization Level –

  • Team members begin to put organization interests before their own unwillingness to reach out across silos
  • Team Members begin communicating with the Big Picture first and are able to connect discussions, meetings and overall effort to the organizational direction.


Most frequent questions and answers

You can begin to see results in a few weeks. How far or deep you take it from there depends on your willingness to.

Yes and no. We like to operate at 2 levels –

  1. Leadership constructs that help change approaches;
  2. We also provide you with tips and tricks that are not only useful but also supply you with the fuel to try out some of our deeper constructs. 

For example the next time you want to disagree with someone try instead of saying  ‘Yes But…’ try saying ‘Yes And…’ or more powerfully,  ‘Yes Also…’


Greg facilitated our “Management Development Program” that focused on building leadership traits for the managers and leaders in the organization. He was excellent in his delivery model and content and engaged participants with real time situations applicable to their daily lives.  This was a successful session as it led our managers to be mindful of their interactions with staff, thus creating a more positive workplace. We found Greg flexible as he customized the program to address our business goals and challenges we faced.

Rakhee Gupta
Human Resource Business Partner

All of Greg’s leadership and behavioral training & workshops offer great takeaways for his clients.  They are easy to implement and deliver success. Greg with his unique training methods has been enriching the corporate Ecosystem. I have attended many leadership trainings/workshops and also a couple of his workshops. I can very confidently say that he is successful because he invests considerable time to understand his clients (client org, values, mission) and their intrinsic and extrinsic challenges, and then deciding what is the best solution that can be offered.  

Siddhartha Srivastava
Sr Manager.HR Shared Service

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