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It seems as if the moment you begin calling yourself a man, you need to start taking decisions. You realize that today’s decisions produce your future life status. 

Each day you examine your life and millions of little decisions that have created it. 

Stop that. 

Constant scrutiny of hundreds of possible outcomes for every decision you make, will drive you insane. It will certainly destroy your confidence and lead you to social ineptitude.

I’ve been learning and experimenting with the attribute of ‘Acceptance’ for the past 18 years. 

I have started to deal with small decisions like the last minute changes due to things not in my hands, how when someone wants to go out and I am not feeling up to it, or to the ups and downs of business coming. How? 

By accepting!

Being more accepting also calls for being more mindful, more mindful of catching your mind when it slips into rejecting what life is placing in front of you, and practicing till you form a new habit.

But it’s a tightrope walk. 

On the one hand, you need to accept what is happening in the ‘now’ and on the other hand, you must focus on where you want to go, which calls for cultivating the ability to say ‘no’ to the many things out there. 

I am still finding my feet on getting the balance right, but enjoying this journey with the fears it allows me to let go of, the interesting surprises along the way, and the mistakes that I can hopefully learn from..

As time steadily moves forward, you have got to be honest with yourself and decide if you WILL attempt your dream or WHY it’s not what you really want. 

Don’t allow yourself to float in the purgatory of indecisiveness. If today you are a 22 year-old who wants to be a film director, in 10 years you will be 32 years old NO MATTER WHAT. It is incumbent upon you as the man in charge of your existence to decide if you’ll be a 32-year-old filmmaker, attempted filmmaker, or decidedly moved to something different. Don’t let yourself be that same guy who wants to make films, just 10 years older.

Time waits for no one. Wake up and start making honest yes or no decisions about your life so the years will progress and not just pass.